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Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone. Expandable, WITH Display

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The Polycom Sound Station 2 EX conference phone (extension microphones optional, with display) again builds on the hugely popular Sound Station 2, this time adding an option for extendable microphones.

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Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone. Expandable, WITH Display



Overview for the Polycom Sound Station 2 EX Conference Phone (Extension Microphones Optional, With Display)

The Polycom SoundStation 2 conference phone (expandable, with display) works with your office phone system as well as your computer (optional computer calling kit). The quality microphones let you communicate from up to 3 metres away, for truly natural conversation. The difference between this and the other Soundstation 2 models is you can add extra microphones.

In it’s current state the Polycom 2EX is designed for a room with up to 10 attendees in mind (the exact number always depends on the room configuration). If you decide to add the optional microphones you can now accommodate up to 16 participants taking this to all but the very largest conferencing solutions.

How does it connect to my phone system?

The Polycom SoundStation 2 conference phone simply connects to an analogue extension on your phone system. If you’ve had a conference phone before you can simply plug it into that socket. If you don’t already have this done you will need to have your phone technician install this for you for the unit to work. The technician will also need to program the conference phone with its own extension number like your other phones.

The SoundStation2 also offers a very clever application port lets you connect to mobile phones if no analogue line is present, as well as connecting to a PC to make VoIP calls, Skype, do webinars and more.

Feature-rich design for clearer calls

Like the other Sound Station models in Polycom’s range, the SoundStation 2 EX is an excellent choice if sound quality and seamless conversation is paramount. Full duplex technology means callers can talk at the same time as one another, ensuring the unit’s speaker will not cut in and out as traditional speaker phones are prone to doing. Multiple microphones pick up sound in all directions, while Dynamic Noise Reduction technology filters out background distractions.

The Polycom SoundStation2 EX resists interference from mobile phones for clearer communication, while Acoustic Clarity technology delivers exceptional performance and voice quality, making your conference calls clearer and more productive. The LCD display also makes this conference phone incredibly easy to use, letting you view the number you have called, store numbers in a virtual phone book, keep track of the duration and progress of your call, and more.

Extended voice range

The Polycom SoundStation2 EX conference phone features ports for optional extended microphones, which plug directly into the unit. These mics can then be used to extend the unit’s range beyond its inbuilt 3 metres – perfect for longer boardroom tables where attendees tend to be spaced further away from the conference phone.

In summary

The Polycom Sound Station 2 EX is a feature-packed conference phone with a useful extended mic option, to offer that extra size if/when you need it. Even if you don’t buy the optional microphones you can always add them later if you need to.

Other conference phones to consider

If you like the look of this then also check out the Polycom Soundstation 2WEX. It’s exactly the same but you can take it anywhere in the office to use. If you have more than one meeting room this is a brilliant solution. One unit for everywhere! Plus you even get the option of expandable mics even though it’s a wireless unit. That’s very cool. The other wireless solutions would be the ClearOne Max Wireless.

If you don’t need the wireless component then also check out the Konftel 300. It’s a brilliant all rounder and connects to your computer via USB as well as your office telephone. It’s also expandable and definitely worth looking at. From ClearOne you should also look at the MaxEX as a comparable model.

Features of the Polycom Sound Station 2 EX Conference Phone (Extension Microphones Optional, With Display)

  • Ideal for small conferences with up to 10 participants in the same room. Great solution for small offices.
  • Large backlit display lets you easily view your console phone number, number called, duration and progress of your call, and more.
  • Patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology delivers remarkable voice quality and natural, free flowing conversations to make your voice conference calls more productive and enjoyable.
  • Unlike a deskset speakerphone, a true conference phone such as the SoundStation2 is designed for group communications, which is critical in today’s global business environment.
  • Up to 3.5-meter (10-feet) of 360-degree microphone coverage using in-built microphones, ideal for small to midsize conference rooms. Range can be improved with extended microphones (not included).
  • Resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices while delivering clear voice conferencing with no distractions.
  • Applications Port connects to mobile phones for dialling from rooms without an analogue phone line, and connects to a PC to become a high-quality conference phone for Internet calling.
  • The Polycom Sound Station2 EX is as easy to set up and use as any standard telephone, with no technical knowledge required.
  • Supports traditional telephone features such as redial, mute, transfer, and hold.
  • The Polycom Sound Station 2 EX can be connected to extended microphones (not included) for greater range and better sound quality.


Application Microsoft Lync Certified Features Array Display Yes Room up to 10 IP No

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