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Video Conference Phones

Please note no video conference products are available at present.

We expect to have new stock in soon, so feel free to bookmark this space and return to it at a later date.

Improve productivity, slash costs and revolutionise the way you conduct business with next generation video conferencing equipment from Polycom. Talk to your colleagues face-to-face, wherever you are in the world - plus share drawings, movies, images and spreadsheets at the click of a button.

Browse our range and discover how much easier and effective phone conferencing is, now you can meet ‘face to face’.

Why choose a video conference solution

In any meeting, large or small, communication is paramount. And when you consider that up to 80% of communication is conveyed through body language alone, the importance of being able to physically see your fellow attendees becomes clear. However, getting together in the same room is not always possible – which is where video conferencing comes in. Video conferencing systems allow true face-to-face communication that details the subtle nuances and inflections of each attendee, so it’s as good as being there! Put simply, video conferencing is the most natural, direct way to conduct business with colleagues, prospects or suppliers anywhere in the world – all from the convenience of your office or meeting room.

The immediate benefits of using a video conferencing system include:

  • Face-to-face conversations for clearer communication and faster decision making
  • Improved productivity
  • Drastically reduced travel time and costs for fast ROI (imagine, no more lengthy trips!)
  • The ability to content share vital information
  • Superior management and integration of staff in remote branches/offices

What to consider when choosing video conference equipment

Every business is different, so to ensure rapid ROI it’s important you choose the right equipment for video conferencing. Ask yourself:

  • Who will be using video: headquarters staff, branch offices, remote workers, partners, customers?
  • How will video be used: for group interactions, one-on-one conversations, training sessions, or multiple uses?
  • What environments will video be used in: large conference rooms, small meeting rooms, lecture halls, user desktops, home offices, on notebook PCs?
  • What quality of experience do users expect: high definition video and audio, traditional conference style, web cams?
  • Will content be shared, and if so, what type: spreadsheets, detailed schematics, full motion graphics, or more?
  • This will help you determine whether a video conferencing system is right for your business, or if a telepresence system is better suited.

Do I need a telepresence solution or a video conferencing solution?

The terms ‘telepresence’ and ‘video conferencing’ are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences between the two. Put simply, video conferencing offers standard definition video communication between callers, as well as basic content sharing. This type of technology is sufficient for most small to medium businesses today. Telepresence takes this concept to the next level, with high definition video and advanced content for larger audiences (such as auditoriums, medical education boards, etc). As the world’s leading conference system provider, Polycom offers a range of video conferencing solutions to meet the requirements of your business.

Does my business require any special technology to use equipment for video conferencing?

No. If you have standard phone and data connections, you are ready to go!